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By purchasing a proxy, you can hide your IP address in games such as Knight Online, Metin2 and League of Legends, on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and while using the Web Browser, and you can stay safe by connecting through the proxy IP address.

Number of Users
Technical Support
IPv4 Proxy
1 pc
HTTPS, Socks4/5
$15Per Month
IPv6 Proxy
1 pc
HTTPS, Socks4/5
$3Per Month

Platforms You Can Use Proxy
Knight Online
Browser Games
General Web Usage
Proxy Server Features
HTTPS, Socks4/5 Desteği
HTTPS, Socks4 and Socks5 Support is provided in our proxy services.
Multiple Locations
We have a proxy service in more than one location, you can choose the most suitable location for your usage area when purchasing.
Our proxy service is completely personalized. The IP addresses you receive are not offered to other customers in any way.
Strong Network Capacity
There is no 1 Gbps network connection in our proxy server infrastructure, so you will not experience any server-related lag/drop.
Technical Support
We are with you whenever you need support, if you want to get help, you can get help from us by opening a technical support request from your customer panel.
Free Exchange
If the Proxy service you receive is banned on the platform you use, we offer the right to make 1 Change within 24 hours after delivery.
What is Proxy?
The proxy provides the connection between you and the service or system you want to connect to on the internet, while providing your connection, it also completely hides your IP address and server identity, so you can safely perform your transactions without revealing your identity.
Where Is Proxy Used?
You can access a website where your access is prohibited by using a proxy, it allows you to use more than one ip address on the same computer if there is an ip address limit for accessing any game, you can show more hits by logging into a social media platform or your website using more than one ip, and use for seo purposes. You can use it in many fields like this.
When Will The Proxy I Purchased Be Delivered And How İs İt İnstallation?
When purchasing a proxy IP address, it is carefully selected and installed according to the platform you choose, so it is usually delivered in a few hours during working hours after purchasing, it requires any technical setup on the part of you for installation, proxy programs or a special program you use on the ip, user name and port. You can use the information by typing.
How Can I Extend The Duration Of My Purchased Proxy?
When you have 15 days to expire, the system will automatically create a renewal invoice for you. If you pay this invoice, your period will be extended automatically. If you do not want to renew, you do not need to make any payments, at the end of the period, your service will be automatically deleted.
Which location proxy do I need to buy for the game that I play in Turkey?
Online games generally do not require a country, so you can connect to the online game you play with any location proxy, but if you want to get low ping values, it would be more beneficial to choose a Turkey location proxy for Turkey servers.
Why Do I Choose A Platform When Purchasing?
Our proxy service is only suitable for use in legal areas, so you need to choose the platform you will use when purchasing, a second reason is to be able to deliver from an unbanned IP address on the platform you will use..
Does The Proxy I Purchased Belong Only To Me?
All of our Proxy services are offered as a single dedicated one, we do not open more than one proxy on one ip, the ip address you receive is allocated only to you.
If My Proxy IP Address İs Banned From The Platform I Use, Can I Change The IP Address?
We offer you the right to change the proxy IP address you purchased once within 24 hours after delivery, unfortunately you cannot change it afterward.

Proxy Nedir?

A Proxy is a tool that provides data exchange between the computer you use and the website you connect to. When you access a website with a direct link, you send data about your computer and browser. In return, you get data. These data are server or PC – IP, location, browser cookies and other important personal information. In other words, when you use a direct connection, you allow access to all of your personal information. Depending on the type of proxy you use, you can change or keep the data exchange between your PC and the website.

Although proxy types are divided into IPV6 and IPV4 Proxy, there can be anonymous (personal) or transparent connections between these types. Transparent connections show filtering feature when opened to certain servers and regions.

Note: During Transparent Proxy connections, the size of the data received from the other party and the size of the sent (transmitted) data can be measured, after a certain amount of connection, the data flow can be interrupted bilaterally. In addition, while accessing desired sites, access to unwanted sites can be blocked.

What İs The Purpose Of Using A Proxy?

The purpose of using a proxy is to provide filtering or restriction between the PC and the site. Thanks to a proxy network you have set up on your PC, you can completely ban or slow down access to certain sites from that PC, or you can bypass an already existing proxy block. Access to blocked or restricted (slowed down) sites in Turkey is possible thanks to proxy servers.

What are Proxy Types?

There are two types of proxy types (IPV4 & IPV6). The type that started to be used first is the IPV4 Proxy type, and it is also the most widely used proxy type. Because the IP it creates while exchanging data between the PC and the website is similar to real IPs. This format is in Turkey.

Why IPV4 Proxy?

Before purchasing IPV4 Proxy, we would like to answer the question why. Unlike IPV6 Proxy type, IPV4 Proxy is almost impossible to block because it is in real IP structure. When you use IPV6 Proxy, you leave a clear trace on the website and the data flow can be blocked at any time by the other party. Most sites have blocked the IPV6 Proxy type. Among these sites, there are also very large social media sites such as Twitter.

Buy IPV4 Proxy

In addition, another detail that will cause you to buy IPV4 Proxy is that it supports connection types called HTTPS and SOCK. Being able to bypass the SSL connection type is especially important for IPV4 Proxy users because many browsers, especially Chrome, now only accept SSL certified sites. In other words, if there is an IPV6 Proxy block on a site that is normally open for use (which is easily used with your own IP), then you cannot log in with your preferred proxy for secure login.

Important NOTE: You can activate IPV4 Proxy across your PC. In other words, you can completely hide data exchange not only in browsers, but also in Windows programs you use. The connection type that enables you to do this is SOCK IPV4 Proxy connection. Also, it's just browser-based if you want. By changing the IPV4 Proxy settings, you can make your internet private & secure for this part.

Why Should You Buy An IPV4 Proxy?

Most of the time, internet service providers in many countries use proxies to shut down many websites either completely or partially (by slowing them down). If you buy and use IPV4 Proxy, you can bypass all these obstacles without any problems. On the other hand, at this stage, you will ensure your data privacy, and you will have a confidential & secure internet surfing experience.

Although most of the time IPV4 Proxy is used for accessing sites with data access restrictions or restrictions, it can also be used for protection purposes. Because it creates a firewall that cannot be overcome by people who want to obtain your PC and personal data with pirated software.

IPV4 Proxy Prices

IPV4 Proxy prices generally vary according to the type of server you will connect to. The more connections there are on that server, then the slower your (personal) connection will be. Most free IPV4 Proxy sites are therefore extremely slow and limited. We mentioned the Transparent Proxy connection type before, this connection type is usually provided by sites that provide free proxy services.

Buy Anonymous & Secure IPV4 Proxy

Free Proxy servers are used by most people so they are slow. But it is also not safe. Because instantaneous, randomly generated roaming through IP addresses can put us at risk because we don't know who is where and what they are doing. On the other hand, if you buy an anonymous IPV4 Proxy, you can only use a private server and use the internet with peace of mind.

Our site offers fast & clean options that you can safely use on every platform in the anonymous type via IPV4 Proxy. And at very reasonable prices. Thanks to the system panel we have provided for you, you can easily choose between cheap IPV4 Proxy options and surf the internet as you wish without any disruption.

FAQ and answers about our IPV4 Proxy service:

Of course, you can always reach us instantly and get information about our IPV4 Proxy sales, but we wanted to answer the FAQ on our system for you.

Why should I get a proxy? How is it different from VPN?

They are basically similar but different structures. VPN encrypts data exchanges instead of masking them. Therefore, the IPV4 Proxy connection type in particular is less noticeable. So it gives more access.

Will I Experience Speed Drops When Using An IPV4 Proxy Connection?

This depends on the type of IPV4 Proxy you are using. The free and widely used type of IPV4 Proxy becomes slow and noticeable. However, if you prefer our site, you can purchase a completely anonymous, fast and secure IPV4 Proxy.

I'm Using IPV4 Proxy But I'm Still Getting Blocked, What Should I Do?

In this case, you should change the region you are in. Because the country you connect to with IPV4 Proxy must have blocked or restricted access to that site, such as Turkey.

Which Proxy Type Should I Choose?

Of course IPV4 Proxy but in this case you should choose anonymous ones. Otherwise, you will never get the efficiency you expect in terms of speed or privacy.

I Bought An IPV4 Proxy But Am Not Satisfied? Is İt Possible To Return?

If our site could not provide the speed and confidentiality promised during the IPV4 Proxy sale, of course, we will refund the fee immediately, but this problem has never been experienced on our servers until now.

How İs IPV4 Proxy Setup Done?

IPV4 Proxy setup can be done both through Proxy & VPN settings across Windows and browser-based. In this case, if you choose Windows, there is a system-wide use of IPV4 Proxy, while the change in browser settings only covers that browser.

What Should I Do İf I Can't İnstall IPV4 Proxy?

You can report any problem you experience during the installation or use of IPV4 Proxy via the ticket page of our site and get instant help.

When Do I Start Using The IPV4 Proxy That I Paid For?

IPV4 Proxy delivery starts immediately after payment. You can install and use it whenever you want.