Rabisu Technical Infrastructure


Top Quality Servers and Hardware

Interruptions due to a possible failure may disrupt your entire business. In order to minimize such situations, we equip Dell brand servers with Dell and Samsung brand disks, and we prefer other cables and equipment used in the cabinet from products that comply with world standards.


Excellent Data Center and Network Infrastructure

All of our servers are housed in our own cabinets, equipment and network infrastructure at DGN and Istanbul Comnet data centers in Bursa.

The data center power line reaches from underground cables separately from the city network. It is configured to provide power via UPS after the power line reaching the data center. In case of power cuts, the existing generator system is in a position to provide power for 8 hours.

Projecting the fiber lines ending on the Juniper brand router-firewall, which is used for the first time in Turkey in our network infrastructure, reaches the network prepared in partnership with Juniper, and after that, all ports in the Layer 3 datacenter network structure are separated as v-lans and configured to provide 1 Gbps connection to each server.

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