Unturned Server Hosting

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Unturned Server Rental

Unturned is a zombie-themed survival horror game developed individually and in multiplayer by 17-year-old Canadian Nelson Sexton on July 7, 2014. The multiplayer mode of the Unturned game, which has a large audience in Turkey, is generally preferred. If you want to set up an unturned server, you can choose the number of people and rent an unturned server with the service we provide.

Ram Capacity
Unlimited Player
Free Add-on
Rent now for $2 with %20 Discount.
Common Server Features
Free Unterned Packages
With the free game packages we offer with our Unturned service, you can have a ready unturned server with a few clicks.
Free Technical Support
You can get support quickly by contacting our technical team via ticket or discord if you have any problems.
SSD Infrastructure
We use SSDs with high read speed and high write speed in all our Unturned servers, so you will not have the slightest performance problem on our game servers.
DDOS Protection
In addition to our physical firewall devices on our game servers, we also protect our servers with software firewall rules. Thus, your server will not be affected in a possible DDOS attack.
Instant Setup
All of our game servers are connected to the automation system, the orders you complete the payment are set up by the system in a few minutes and your panel information is reflected on your customer panel.
Low Ping
The game servers must have low ping values, we host all our servers in Turkey in order to offer the lowest ping values, so we offer low ping values between 5-40.
How long does it take to deliver the Unturned server?
The Unturned servers you have rented are connected to the automation system, after you make your payment, they will be automatically installed and the management panel information will be reflected on your customer panel in a few minutes.
Why should we choose Rabisu in Unturned server hosting?
At Rabisu, we are meticulous about hardware; our servers are equipped with high-performance Ryzen processors, lightning-fast RAM, and NVMe M.2 SSDs. We put an end to server downtime with our superior DDoS-protected servers. Our advanced control panel makes server management a breeze. We guarantee you'll find the most affordable Unturned server rental with us.
Can I increase the server ram capacity after purchase?
If the current server capacity is not enough for your players, you can increase the ram size of your Unturned server by upgrading the package at any time. After the package upgrade, there will be no reset in your files, and your server will continue from where it left off.
How can I check the server after I get it?
With our Unturned server rental services, you have a web panel where you can manage your server, from here you can manage the server while providing game management with a remote desktop connection.
Do you help with administration and server settings?
Customer support has always been the most important point for us, you can adjust the settings of your server with the guides we have prepared for you on the management of your Unturned server, or you can request the preparation of a guide for the setting you want.
What's included in the Unturned service?
You will be allocated an admin panel where you can manage your server with Unturned that you have rented, also the add-on packages we provide free of charge.
Do you have DDOS protection on your servers?
Anti-DDOS rules, which we have developed specifically for Unturned servers, are actively filtering on all our firewall devices, so you can continue to play without interrupting your game pleasure in any attack.