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It is now very easy to rent a server with our SSD VPS server packages, which have 100% SSD infrastructure and offer high accessibility.

Automatic Installation
1 vCpu Intel Xeon 2.93GHz/3.33GHz e5-gorsel
1 GB
1000 Mbps Port
500 GB
$3.90Per Month
1 vCpu Intel Xeon 2.93GHz/3.33GHz e5-gorsel
2 GB
1000 Mbps Port
750 GB
$5.90Per Month
2 vCpu Intel Xeon 2.93GHz/3.33GHz e5-gorsel
4 GB
1000 Mbps Port
1000 GB
$8.90Per Month
4 vCpu Intel Xeon 2.93GHz/3.33GHz e5-gorsel
8 GB
1000 Mbps Port
1500 GB
$17.90Per Month
6 vCpu Intel Xeon 2.93GHz/3.33GHz e5-gorsel
16 GB
120 GB SSD
1000 Mbps Port
2000 GB
$32.90Per Month
6 vCpu Intel Xeon 2.93GHz/3.33GHz e5-gorsel
32 GB
180 GB SSD
1000 Mbps Port
3000 GB
$49.90Per Month
Common VPS Server Features
Automatic Installation
We know how valuable your time is, and thanks to the automations we use in all our VPS server services, the system is automatically set up the minute you complete the order steps and make the payment, and the information is reflected on your customer panel.
Turkey Location
The delay time of the communication speed between the location of any server you connect to on the Internet and your location is called "ping". As Rabisu, all our servers are located in Turkey, so they offer the lowest ping values.
Advanced Management Panel
The interface we offer on our VPS servers allows you to perform full management. With our panel, you can reformat your server, install ready-made hosting systems, provide full KVM access using the VNC feature, and track your historical resource usage.
Strong Network Capacity
We equip our 10 Gigabyte network infrastructure with Juniper brand devices that produce the best quality network devices in the world, and we provide a 2x1000 Mbps redundant connection to each of our servers. Thus, network connection in our virtual servers is freed from bottleneck.
24/7 Monitoring System
All of our servers are monitored 24/7/365 in order to detect a possible attack or technical malfunction immediately, and they are recorded and followed up with the PRTG application. In this way, we provide a solution as soon as possible in case of a possible negativity.
Affordable Price
You don't need to pay crazy prices for quality service, we use the best opportunities provided by technology in our VPS service that we offer, and we determine the most suitable prices and offer them to our valued customers.
What is SSD VPS (Virtual Private Server)?
VPS servers are server systems that are hardware virtualized with virtualization systems built on a physical server. There are many virtual servers on the physical server used in virtualization, and all virtual servers use physical server resources without sharing.
Why Should I Prefer SSD VPS?
The SSD disks we use in our servers are disks with much higher speeds than normal disks. The use of high-speed disks such as SSD for game server and corporate projects increases the efficiency considerably, so it may be beneficial to choose SSD VPS for your project.
When Will The VPS Server I Rent Be Delivered And How Will It Be Installed?
VPS orders are delivered by the automation system within 5 minutes with the operating system and control panel you requested during the order installed. Due to possible infrastructure failures, the delivery time may be extended up to 24 hours. You can send your special requests to us by sending a support request from your customer panel after they are delivered to your server.
Can I Upgrade My Server's Features After Purchase?
If the resources of your VPS Server you have rented are not sufficient for your project, you can upgrade to any package from the top packages you have chosen within minutes without losing any data. The system calculates and bills the price difference for the upgrade in proportion to your remaining time.
What Is The Difference Between VPS And VDS?
There are differences between VPS servers and VPS servers in terms of virtualizing the resources on the physical server they are located on. The most important of these differences is that the resources in the main system are used by all VPSs without sharing in VPS servers, in short, hardware virtualization is performed. In VDS servers, the resources given to the virtual server are shared resources and softwarebased virtualization is performed. Each VPS uses the resources on the physical server in common/shared with other VPSs.
Can I Host My Website On VPS Server Service?
If you have decided to host your website on a virtual server instead of hosting packages, you can easily use Rabisu VPS Servers for this project. You can install many ready-made panels such as Plesk, Cpanel and CWP that you may want to install on the server with a single click with the feature in the system interface.

VPS Rental

When you plan to open your own server, you have several options. One of these options is a VPS server. You can buy VPS with the Buy VPS page on our site. These servers both offer an experience close to VDS to a large extent and are at a much more affordable price level.

What is VPS?

VPS is short for Virtual Private Server. Having many features, VPSs are more advantageous than shared servers and are sufficient to meet all server needs.

Unlike the shared server in the VPS server type, users are separated from each other in software. Thus, each user can freely use the part reserved for him on the server. Since VPSs are separated virtually, they must have the features of the server they are connected to. Therefore, users use the current operating system of the server. The virtualization process is done by breaking all the resources of the server into small pieces. Unused RAM can be shared between users. When a user on the server uses excessive resources, other users may be affected. As a result, although all VPSs are separate domains, what they can do is limited by the hardware values of the server they are connected to.

What are the Advantages of Using a VPS Server?

Using a VPS server is very advantageous in many ways. It is possible to say that VPSs, which are more affordable in price than VDS's, offer an experience between a shared server and a VDS server. Using a VPS server not only saves you from a huge financial burden, but also allows you to have your own, manageable server. You do not need to have technical knowledge to set up and manage a VPS server. The advanced control panel provides the necessary flexibility for both first-time server builders and professionals in this field.

VPS servers are more advantageous in terms of performance compared to shared servers. Even if it is software, VPSs can offer sufficient performance since each user is allocated a separate resource. One of the prominent advantages of VPSs is that VPS servers offer a more secure structure compared to shared servers.

There is no data exchange between the server sections that are separated from each other in terms of software. Each user is given a certain amount of memory, bandwidth and storage space. One of the most important features of VPSs is sharing the unused RAM resource with other users. For example, if a server does not use a portion of RAM and other users need RAM, this unused RAM is shared among users. In this way, performance problems that may occur are minimized.

It is possible to increase server security to the next level in VPS. Security can be increased to a higher level by using necessary plugins on VDS servers that allow access to root directory. In this way, possible attacks on the server can be prevented to a large extent.

What are the Differences Between VPS and Shared Server?

The VPS server is located between the shared server and the VDS in terms of performance and cost. Therefore, it is possible to say that VPS has many advantages over shared servers. Performance is the most important of these differences. Performance problems may occur on shared servers because too many websites are hosted under the same server. On the other hand, in VPS servers, servers separated from each other by virtualization offer more performance. Along with the first opening speeds of the sites, the in-site circulation speed increases significantly on VPS servers.

Shared servers may experience performance drops when high traffic is generated. VPS servers tolerate high traffic better than shared servers. If you have a high-traffic website, it would be better to choose a VPS server instead of shared hosting.

How to Install VPS Server?

Opening a VPS server is a process that can be done in just a few minutes. To do this, you can start the installation by choosing one of the packages on our Buy VPS page. We recommend that you consider your needs when choosing one of the VPS packages we have created. In server packages, criteria such as storage space, RAM and processor vary. You can make the purchase by choosing the package that you think will be sufficient for you.

After purchasing a VPS, the installation process is performed automatically. At this stage, users do not need to take any action. Thanks to the automation system, the installation of the server is carried out automatically and the information is transmitted to you. By using the information on your panel, you can access your server's administration panel and use the server as you wish.

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